NCL CON!!!! (The Preparation Stage xD)


Here’s how I’m having my hair and make-up πŸ˜€ Β (although the hair isn’t my real hair obviously lol). I’ll be wearing the new clip I bought :3 it’s the really big pink one with Princess Bubblegums face on it (from Adventure Time).


I’m wearing Rilakkuma stickers around my eyes too!!! Plus I bought some new face juice (foundation lol) Which works a treat!!! Β Its a real pain trying to find some that wont make my skin dry. It’s a good thing that its 9-in-1 πŸ˜€ Its acts as moisturiser, prima and foundation (etc).


I also bought some loose powder… its smells really yummy!!! πŸ˜€ And it actually feels like I’m not wearing any make-up :3 which is nice ^.~

The make-up I’m using are called- BB Cream (light) by Rimmel London (foundation) and Match Perfection Loose powder also by Rimmel London :3

I’m also working on my skirt since its no bright enough!!!


Its only got a few ribbons on 😦



I ordered a load of cute ribbons in different shapes and sizes πŸ˜€ So I’m going to sew them on to my skirt.. Oh and I’m putting a few onto a boring black tie as well xD along with some buttons πŸ™‚

I’ve also done my nails xD


They’re sparkly xD Β heh :3

I’m sooo excited. it’s the cons first year :3 and its the first con my two friends have ever been too πŸ˜€ One of my friends is going as Hatsune Miku and another hasn’t decided yet. But she wants me to do her hair :3 And I am so putting them up in pig-tails and curling the heck out of them xD I’m very excited heh heh.

Anyhow, I’ll post some more stuff later so BYE BYE!!! ^.~


Keep it Secret!!!

Helloooooo! I shop a lot at Keep it Secret, an online store (which now has an actual store in Plymouth) and I’m also a Kawaii club subscriber :3 (I get cute things every month- see my previous posts) I’m just letting anyone who’s interested (If anyone every actually reads my blog lol) that they now have an app!!! It’s called Kawaii Dash!! But this is a game with a difference, instead of winning virtual prizes, you win real ones!!! I’ve already won a Bento and some Pocky along with a discount code for the next time I shop :’) heh~ Β 

Anyhow, it’s available for download from Google play (for androids phones) I’m not too sure about I-phones though… Here’s the link:



Hellooooooooo everyone!!!
This week I bought myself a treat or two :3 Firstly, my new friend the tiger by tokidoki!!! Apparently they don’t have names because they are wild ^.^ I won him in a bidding battle on eBay (I get a little competitive, ITS WAR DAMMIT!!!!) ^.^; heh heh~ The next item is my new watch, my boyfriend bought it for me a couple of weeks ago ^.^ it has strawberries and cherries on and it’s adorable xD He bought it for me on our latest trip to Newcastle, I dragged him into Toki Yoki as per usual and he bought me it, Along with some apply ear rings πŸ˜› hee hee. He spoils me :’) But I have a big surprise for him, I’m currently saving up for it, but I should have enough money for it soon!!! He really deserves it xD he is a wonderful person!!! Although right now we are at war… it’s Flappy Bird!!! I am determined to beat him at ONE game, I’m currently beating him xD I have a score of 88 and he has 86 :’D I WILL WIN!!!!

Mr. Speckles and Mr. Cheesecake!!!!


This is Mr Speckles, he’s a Blue Butterfly Mini-lop bunny, One of my adorable bunnies. I have two. Mr. Speckles is the youngest, and he’s called speckles because he’s all spotty. :3


Mr Speckles trying to attack George (My Gorilla teddy) ^.^

He love running around you legs and annoying poor Mr. Cheesecake. Mr. Cheesecake is the second of my bunnies, he’s a silver fox bunny. He’s gotten a bit fat with age, but he’s still adorable though xD He’s like a marshmallow :3 Mr cheesecake likes lying down and watching some TV with me xD Here’s a picture of him below πŸ™‚


Mr. Speckles has really fluffy fur and one ear sticking up as if he was wearing a musketeer hat which makes him look stylish and flamboyant xD So, he’s the bunny equivalent of Orlando Bloom. Whereas Mr. Cheesecake has three different layers of colour so he looks like a cheesecake (hence the name), he has a white belly (the cheesy bit), a brown fur trim (the biscuit base), and black fur (the blueberry top, he’s a blueberry cheesecake heh~ :3). Unlike Speckles, he has really smooth shiny fur, he’s old- so he’s wise and experienced, so he’s the bunny equivalent of George Clooney.

Anyhow, Just thought I would introduce my adorable fluffy friends too you πŸ˜€ Hope you enjoyed this post :3

Bye Bye~ ❀

Kawaii Club

This month from Kawaii club I got a ton of adorable things xDΒ 



Cute stickers!!! Who doesn’t like a tea-cup with eyes??? :3


Love Pocky Pencils xD You get twelve and they have bunnies on xD :3 πŸ™‚ ❀

I got lots of other stuff too :3 But I can’t remember what heh :3 (since the package came over fifteen days ago) :3 anyhow I’m off to bed now since I’ve finished my homework for uni >.> stupid uni lol :3

Night Night~

Cute Competition!!!

I came across this page today (since I have liked them on facebook). I just thought I would share this with everyone!! Since there are so many cute prizes to be given out xD and it isn’t too difficult to enter since I literally did myself in the past ten minutes. From now on, if I find anything else like this, I’ll make sure to post it :3

Anyhow, I have to do my stupid homework >,<

So Bye Bye for now~ ❀